Blendie App


Blendie is an app that lets you capture the whole moment beautifully. Blendie uses both of your iPhone cameras to create beautiful double exposures. This feature allows you to capture the entire moment by blending a picture of you and the scenery around you. After you create a blend you are able to swipe and view blend modes handpicked for creating beautiful double exposures. Blendie can change the way people take photos on their mobile devices.



Blendie was inspired by the surge of "selfies" present on social media. The goal was to make it easy to add depth and creativity to the shallow selfie. So by blending your selfie with the scenery, you can provide a deeper look into the moment you were experiencing. It allows your friends and followers to see the whole moment, not just your pretty face. Capture the whole moment with Blendie.



Blendie is available in the AppStore and the Google Play across multiple devices that have two cameras.



  1. Take a selfie.
  2. Take an interesting picture.
  3. Swipe to view the different blend modes.
  4. Tap the export button at bottom to Share or Save your blend.